Gift: From Spiritual Wealth to Financial Wealth

Gift - From Spiritual Wealth to Financial Wealth provides explanations and answers to questions that many professional psychics are reluctant to comment on in detail. Gift challenges some of those long established concepts that can prevent you from developing you psychic abilities or from reaching your full potential as a psychic.

By eliminating such mis-information, Gift reveals how to contact and work with Spirit as well as how to read the spiritual messages that we all receive by way of signs, symbols and dreams. The purposes of correspondences are also explained together with the role auguries and omens have to play in this process.

A clear, step-by-step guide helps you along the path from identifying your psychic abilities and developing them into skills to becoming a professional psychic in your own right, if you so wish.

I was moved to write this book after being inspired by my clients, many of whom asked if I had written a book. Back then of course the answer was "No, I haven't," but all that started to change in 2006 when I first put fingers to keyboard.

Whether you are a beginner wanting to enter this field or a gifted psychic who simply needs some encouragement and practical advice, this is the book to refer to.

Helen Adams

Horoscope Magazine

I really feel it's the book that has been missing on many a psychic's bookshelves.

Ian Jones

The Spirit Guides

Gift has astounded me as to the amount and clarity of priceless information it provides - and I am sure you will love this book too!

Michael Bradford

Author of Hands-on Spiritual Healing

This book shows a down to earth, no-nonsense approach to psychic work giving clear and precise ways of unlocking and opening up to your psychic abilities, and is an essential read for a novice wanting to open and develop these gifts.

Lucy Creen

Professional Psychic and Bowen Therapist

It's everything I expected and more with clear, concise instructions for living with sensible advice about spiritual development and good business practice.

Alison Crocker

Professional Psychic and Complementary Health Therapist

It gives you a step-by-step understanding of developing your psychic abilities in a very simple and straightforward way. Since I started reading this book, I found it very hard to put down...

Chris Harper

I found the best part of this book was how it helped me realize that it wasn't so daunting to develop myself spiritually, open up to new skills and to commit to and be true to myself.

Jasper Smith

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This is the podcast I recently gave Podcast Interview, with Ian Jones.


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Full Reviews

Spirit & Destiny Magazine

[Gift is] written in a clear and concise style that's ideal for dipping in and out of. It may even transform your life and the way you view spirituality.

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Horoscope Magazine

The 'Gift' is Elizabeth Francis's genuine gift to anyone and everyone who feels they have a talent for helping and healing others which they would like to tap into, and develop into a full time profession. (Read More)

The Spirit Guides

The book has real sound knowledge about developing one's psychic abilities in a way that doesn't treat the advance readers to suck eggs but also not failing to engage the fledgling psychics with responsible and well-grounded material. (Read More)